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α-contract Verb; 자동번역 Transliteration:

Principal Part: ἀνασπάω

Structure: ἀνα (Prefix) + σπά (Stem) + ω (Ending)


  1. to draw up, pull up, he drew his, forth again
  2. to draw, up
  3. to draw or suck up greedily, to draw
  4. to tear up
  5. to draw forth, to utter violent, offensive
  6. to draw up
  7. to draw back
  8. to carry away from home


Present tense

1st person2nd person3rd person
IndicativeSingular ἀνάσπω ἀνάσπᾳς ἀνάσπᾳ
Dual ἀνάσπᾱτον ἀνάσπᾱτον
Plural ἀνάσπωμεν ἀνάσπᾱτε ἀνάσπωσιν*
SubjunctiveSingular ἀνάσπω ἀνάσπῃς ἀνάσπῃ
Dual ἀνάσπητον ἀνάσπητον
Plural ἀνάσπωμεν ἀνάσπητε ἀνάσπωσιν*
OptativeSingular ἀνάσπῳμι ἀνάσπῳς ἀνάσπῳ
Dual ἀνάσπῳτον ἀνασπῷτην
Plural ἀνάσπῳμεν ἀνάσπῳτε ἀνάσπῳεν
ImperativeSingular ἀνάσπᾱ ἀνασπᾶτω
Dual ἀνάσπᾱτον ἀνασπᾶτων
Plural ἀνάσπᾱτε ἀνασπῶντων, ἀνασπᾶτωσαν
Infinitive ἀνάσπᾱν
Participle MasculineFeminineNeuter
ἀνασπων ἀνασπωντος ἀνασπωσα ἀνασπωσης ἀνασπων ἀνασπωντος
1st person2nd person3rd person
IndicativeSingular ἀνάσπωμαι ἀνάσπᾳ ἀνάσπᾱται
Dual ἀνάσπᾱσθον ἀνάσπᾱσθον
Plural ἀνασπῶμεθα ἀνάσπᾱσθε ἀνάσπωνται
SubjunctiveSingular ἀνάσπωμαι ἀνάσπῃ ἀνάσπηται
Dual ἀνάσπησθον ἀνάσπησθον
Plural ἀνασπώμεθα ἀνάσπησθε ἀνάσπωνται
OptativeSingular ἀνασπῷμην ἀνάσπῳο ἀνάσπῳτο
Dual ἀνάσπῳσθον ἀνασπῷσθην
Plural ἀνασπῷμεθα ἀνάσπῳσθε ἀνάσπῳντο
ImperativeSingular ἀνάσπω ἀνασπᾶσθω
Dual ἀνάσπᾱσθον ἀνασπᾶσθων
Plural ἀνάσπᾱσθε ἀνασπᾶσθων, ἀνασπᾶσθωσαν
Infinitive ἀνάσπᾱσθαι
Participle MasculineFeminineNeuter
ἀνασπωμενος ἀνασπωμενου ἀνασπωμενη ἀνασπωμενης ἀνασπωμενον ἀνασπωμενου

Imperfect tense

The inflection forms above were generated by rules and some usages of them were not attested.

Due to a bug of system, some forms may display wrong accents.


  1. to draw

  2. to draw or suck up greedily

  3. to tear up

  4. to draw up

  5. to draw back

  6. to carry away from home


Source: Henry George Liddell. Robert Scott. "A Greek-English Lexicon". revised and augmented throughout by. Sir Henry Stuart Jones.

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