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First declension Noun; Feminine 자동번역 Transliteration:

Principal Part: κακουχία

Structure: κακουχι (Stem) + ᾱ (Ending)

Etym.: e)/xw


  1. ill-treatment, ill-conduct, devastation


First declension

The inflection forms above were generated by rules and some usages of them were not attested.

Due to a bug of system, some forms may display wrong accents.


  • πρὸσ τὸν ἄπειρον αἰῶνα καὶ ὅτι πολλοὶ τῶν ἐπὶ πλέον πενθησάντων μετ’ οὐ πολὺ τοῖσ ὑπ’ αὐτῶν κατοδυρθεῖσιν ἐπηκολούθησαν, οὐδὲν ἐκ τοῦ πένθουσ ὄφελοσ περιποιησάμενοι, μάτην δ’ ἑαυτοὺσ , καταικισάμενοι ταῖσ κακουχίαισ. (Plutarch, Consolatio ad Apollonium, chapter, section 31 5:1)
  • τοὺσ μὲν γὰρ ταῖσ ἰδίαισ ψυχαῖσ καὶ ταῖσ φιλοτιμίαισ, τοὺσ δὲ τῷ κληρονομηθέντι πλούτῳ καὶ ταῖσ ἀλλοτρίαισ κακουχίαισ ἐπὶ τέλοσ ἀγαγεῖν τὴν προαίρεσιν. (Diodorus Siculus, Bibliotheca Historica, book 1, chapter 64 12:2)
  • οὐδ’ ἐν πατρῴασ μὴν χθονὸσ κακουχίᾳ οἶμαί νιν αὐτῷ νῦν παραστατεῖν πέλασ. (Aeschylus, Seven Against Thebes, episode 1:10)


Source: Henry George Liddell. Robert Scott. "A Greek-English Lexicon". revised and augmented throughout by. Sir Henry Stuart Jones.

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