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α-contract Verb; Transliteration:

Principal Part: ἐξαυδάω ἐξαυδήσω

Structure: ἐξ (Prefix) + αὐδά (Stem) + ω (Ending)


  1. to speak out


Present tense

1st person2nd person3rd person
IndicativeSingular ἐξαύδω ἐξαύδᾳς ἐξαύδᾳ
Dual ἐξαύδᾱτον ἐξαύδᾱτον
Plural ἐξαύδωμεν ἐξαύδᾱτε ἐξαύδωσιν*
SubjunctiveSingular ἐξαύδω ἐξαύδῃς ἐξαύδῃ
Dual ἐξαύδητον ἐξαύδητον
Plural ἐξαύδωμεν ἐξαύδητε ἐξαύδωσιν*
OptativeSingular ἐξαύδῳμι ἐξαύδῳς ἐξαύδῳ
Dual ἐξαύδῳτον ἐξαυδῷτην
Plural ἐξαύδῳμεν ἐξαύδῳτε ἐξαύδῳεν
ImperativeSingular ἐξαῦδᾱ ἐξαυδᾶτω
Dual ἐξαύδᾱτον ἐξαυδᾶτων
Plural ἐξαύδᾱτε ἐξαυδῶντων, ἐξαυδᾶτωσαν
Infinitive ἐξαύδᾱν
Participle MasculineFeminineNeuter
ἐξαυδων ἐξαυδωντος ἐξαυδωσα ἐξαυδωσης ἐξαυδων ἐξαυδωντος
1st person2nd person3rd person
IndicativeSingular ἐξαύδωμαι ἐξαύδᾳ ἐξαύδᾱται
Dual ἐξαύδᾱσθον ἐξαύδᾱσθον
Plural ἐξαυδῶμεθα ἐξαύδᾱσθε ἐξαύδωνται
SubjunctiveSingular ἐξαύδωμαι ἐξαύδῃ ἐξαύδηται
Dual ἐξαύδησθον ἐξαύδησθον
Plural ἐξαυδώμεθα ἐξαύδησθε ἐξαύδωνται
OptativeSingular ἐξαυδῷμην ἐξαύδῳο ἐξαύδῳτο
Dual ἐξαύδῳσθον ἐξαυδῷσθην
Plural ἐξαυδῷμεθα ἐξαύδῳσθε ἐξαύδῳντο
ImperativeSingular ἐξαύδω ἐξαυδᾶσθω
Dual ἐξαύδᾱσθον ἐξαυδᾶσθων
Plural ἐξαύδᾱσθε ἐξαυδᾶσθων, ἐξαυδᾶσθωσαν
Infinitive ἐξαύδᾱσθαι
Participle MasculineFeminineNeuter
ἐξαυδωμενος ἐξαυδωμενου ἐξαυδωμενη ἐξαυδωμενης ἐξαυδωμενον ἐξαυδωμενου

Imperfect tense

The inflection forms above were generated by rules and some usages of them were not attested.

Due to a bug of system, some forms may display wrong accents.


  1. to speak out


Source: Henry George Liddell. Robert Scott. "A Greek-English Lexicon". revised and augmented throughout by. Sir Henry Stuart Jones.

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