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Non-contract Verb; 자동번역 Transliteration:

Principal Part: ἐκβάζω ἐκβάξω

Structure: ἐκ (Prefix) + βάζ (Stem) + ω (Ending)


  1. to speak out, declare


Present tense

1st person2nd person3rd person
IndicativeSingular ἐκβάζω ἐκβάζεις ἐκβάζει
Dual ἐκβάζετον ἐκβάζετον
Plural ἐκβάζομεν ἐκβάζετε ἐκβάζουσιν*
SubjunctiveSingular ἐκβάζω ἐκβάζῃς ἐκβάζῃ
Dual ἐκβάζητον ἐκβάζητον
Plural ἐκβάζωμεν ἐκβάζητε ἐκβάζωσιν*
OptativeSingular ἐκβάζοιμι ἐκβάζοις ἐκβάζοι
Dual ἐκβάζοιτον ἐκβαζοίτην
Plural ἐκβάζοιμεν ἐκβάζοιτε ἐκβάζοιεν
ImperativeSingular ἐκβάζε ἐκβαζέτω
Dual ἐκβάζετον ἐκβαζέτων
Plural ἐκβάζετε ἐκβαζόντων, ἐκβαζέτωσαν
Infinitive ἐκβάζειν
Participle MasculineFeminineNeuter
ἐκβαζων ἐκβαζοντος ἐκβαζουσα ἐκβαζουσης ἐκβαζον ἐκβαζοντος
1st person2nd person3rd person
IndicativeSingular ἐκβάζομαι ἐκβάζει, ἐκβάζῃ ἐκβάζεται
Dual ἐκβάζεσθον ἐκβάζεσθον
Plural ἐκβαζόμεθα ἐκβάζεσθε ἐκβάζονται
SubjunctiveSingular ἐκβάζωμαι ἐκβάζῃ ἐκβάζηται
Dual ἐκβάζησθον ἐκβάζησθον
Plural ἐκβαζώμεθα ἐκβάζησθε ἐκβάζωνται
OptativeSingular ἐκβαζοίμην ἐκβάζοιο ἐκβάζοιτο
Dual ἐκβάζοισθον ἐκβαζοίσθην
Plural ἐκβαζοίμεθα ἐκβάζοισθε ἐκβάζοιντο
ImperativeSingular ἐκβάζου ἐκβαζέσθω
Dual ἐκβάζεσθον ἐκβαζέσθων
Plural ἐκβάζεσθε ἐκβαζέσθων, ἐκβαζέσθωσαν
Infinitive ἐκβάζεσθαι
Participle MasculineFeminineNeuter
ἐκβαζομενος ἐκβαζομενου ἐκβαζομενη ἐκβαζομενης ἐκβαζομενον ἐκβαζομενου

Future tense

Imperfect tense

The inflection forms above were generated by rules and some usages of them were not attested.

Due to a bug of system, some forms may display wrong accents.


  1. to speak out


Similar forms

Source: Henry George Liddell. Robert Scott. "A Greek-English Lexicon". revised and augmented throughout by. Sir Henry Stuart Jones.

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