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Third declension Noun; Masculine 자동번역 Transliteration:

Principal Part: πυραμοῦς πυραμοῦντος

Structure: πυραμουντ (Stem) + ς (Ending)

Etym.: puro/s


  1. a cake of wheat and honey, a prize


Third declension

The inflection forms above were generated by rules and some usages of them were not attested.

Due to a bug of system, some forms may display wrong accents.


  • τοῦ γὰρ τεχνάζειν ἡμέτεροσ ὁ πυραμοῦσ. (Aristotle, Thesmophoriazusae, Prologue, iambics32)
  • ἢν δ’ ἀναιδείᾳ παρέλθῃ σ’, ἡμέτεροσ ὁ πυραμοῦσ. (Aristotle, Parodos, trochees27)
  • τὸν πυραμοῦντα λήψεται καὶ τὰ κοττάβεια καὶ τῶν παρουσῶν ἣν θέλει χὂν θέλει φιλήσει. (Athenaeus, The Deipnosophists, Book 15, book 15, chapter 71)
  • πυραμοῦσ, ἄμησ, ᾠῶν ἑκατόμβη· (Athenaeus, The Deipnosophists, Book 2, book 2, chapter 50 3:5)
  • χόνδροσ μετὰ ταῦτ’ εἰσῆλθε, μύρον Αἰγύπτιον, φοινικίνου βῖκόσ τισ ὑπανεῴγνυτο, ἴτρια, τραγήμαθ’ ἧκε, πυραμοῦσ, ἄμησ, ᾠῶν ἑκατόμβη· (Athenaeus, The Deipnosophists, Book 14, book 14, chapter 502)
  • ἀρρηφόροισ γίνεται, ἐστὶ δὲ καὶ ὁ πυραμοῦσ ἄρτοσ διὰ σησάμων πεττόμενοσ καὶ τάχα ὁ αὐτὸσ τῷ σησαμίτῃ ὤν. (Athenaeus, The Deipnosophists, Book 3, book 3, chapter 80 4:1)


  1. a cake of wheat and honey


Source: Henry George Liddell. Robert Scott. "A Greek-English Lexicon". revised and augmented throughout by. Sir Henry Stuart Jones.

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