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Third declension Noun; Masculine Transliteration:

Principal Part: λαοδάμας λαοδάμαντος

Structure: λαοδαμαντ (Stem) + ς (Ending)

Etym.: dama/w


  1. man-taming


Third declension

The inflection forms above were generated by rules and some usages of them were not attested.

Due to a bug of system, some forms may display wrong accents.


  • Πλάτων Λαοδάμαντι εὖ πράττειν. (Plato, Epistles, Letter 11 2:1)
  • μαινόμενοσ δ’ ἐπιπνεῖ λαοδάμασ μιαίνων εὐσέβειαν Ἄρησ. (Aeschylus, Seven Against Thebes, choral, antistrophe 27)
  • οὗτοι πρῶτον μὲν πορθοῦσι τὰσ πέριξ κώμασ, ἔπειτα τῶν Θηβαίων ἐπελθόντων Λαοδάμαντοσ τοῦ Ἐτεοκλέουσ ἡγουμένου γενναίωσ μάχονται. (Apollodorus, Library and Epitome, book 3, chapter 7 3:1)
  • καὶ Λαοδάμασ μὲν Αἰγιαλέα κτείνει, Λαοδάμαντα δὲ Ἀλκμαίων. (Apollodorus, Library and Epitome, book 3, chapter 7 3:2)
  • Λαοδάμασ τρίποδ’ αὐτὸσ ἐϋσκόπῳ Ἀπόλλωνι μουναρχέων ἀνέθηκε τεῒν περικαλλὲσ ἄγαλμα. (Unknown, Greek Anthology, book 6, chapter 81)
  • ἂν δ’ ἔσταν τρεῖσ παῖδεσ ἀμύμονοσ Ἀλκινόοιο, Λαοδάμασ θ’ Ἅλιόσ τε καὶ ἀντίθεοσ Κλυτόνηοσ. (Homer, Odyssey, Book 8 11:8)
  • δίσκῳ δ’ αὖ πάντων πολὺ φέρτατοσ ἠε͂ν Ἐλατρεύσ, πὺξ δ’ αὖ Λαοδάμασ, ἀγαθὸσ πάϊσ Ἀλκινόοιο. (Homer, Odyssey, Book 8 12:8)


  1. man-taming


Source: Henry George Liddell. Robert Scott. "A Greek-English Lexicon". revised and augmented throughout by. Sir Henry Stuart Jones.

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