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-νυμι athematic Verb; 자동번역 Transliteration:

Principal Part: ἀναζεύγνυμι

Structure: ἀνα (Prefix) + ζεύγνυ (Stem) + μι (Ending)


  1. to yoke again, to move off, to break up, to move
  2. to break up, shift one's quarters


Present tense

1st person2nd person3rd person
IndicativeSingular ἀναζεύγνυμι ἀναζεύγνυς ἀναζεύγνυσιν*
Dual ἀναζεύγνυτον ἀναζεύγνυτον
Plural ἀναζεύγνυμεν ἀναζεύγνυτε ἀναζευγνύᾱσιν*
SubjunctiveSingular ἀναζευγνύω ἀναζευγνύῃς ἀναζευγνύῃ
Dual ἀναζευγνύητον ἀναζευγνύητον
Plural ἀναζευγνύωμεν ἀναζευγνύητε ἀναζευγνύωσιν*
OptativeSingular ἀναζευγνύοιμι ἀναζευγνύοις ἀναζευγνύοι
Dual ἀναζευγνύοιτον ἀναζευγνυοίτην
Plural ἀναζευγνύοιμεν ἀναζευγνύοιτε ἀναζευγνύοιεν
ImperativeSingular ἀναζεύγνυ ἀναζευγνύτω
Dual ἀναζεύγνυτον ἀναζευγνύτων
Plural ἀναζεύγνυτε ἀναζευγνύντων
Infinitive ἀναζευγνύναι
Participle MasculineFeminineNeuter
ἀναζευγνῡς ἀναζευγνυντος ἀναζευγνῡσα ἀναζευγνῡσης ἀναζευγνυν ἀναζευγνυντος
1st person2nd person3rd person
IndicativeSingular ἀναζεύγνυμαι ἀναζεύγνυσαι ἀναζεύγνυται
Dual ἀναζεύγνυσθον ἀναζεύγνυσθον
Plural ἀναζευγνύμεθα ἀναζεύγνυσθε ἀναζεύγνυνται
SubjunctiveSingular ἀναζευγνύωμαι ἀναζευγνύῃ ἀναζευγνύηται
Dual ἀναζευγνύησθον ἀναζευγνύησθον
Plural ἀναζευγνυώμεθα ἀναζευγνύησθε ἀναζευγνύωνται
OptativeSingular ἀναζευγνυοίμην ἀναζευγνύοιο ἀναζευγνύοιτο
Dual ἀναζευγνύοισθον ἀναζευγνυοίσθην
Plural ἀναζευγνυοίμεθα ἀναζευγνύοισθε ἀναζευγνύοιντο
ImperativeSingular ἀναζεύγνυσο ἀναζευγνύσθω
Dual ἀναζεύγνυσθον ἀναζευγνύσθων
Plural ἀναζεύγνυσθε ἀναζευγνύσθων
Infinitive ἀναζεύγνυσθαι
Participle MasculineFeminineNeuter
ἀναζευγνυμενος ἀναζευγνυμενου ἀναζευγνυμενη ἀναζευγνυμενης ἀναζευγνυμενον ἀναζευγνυμενου

Imperfect tense

The inflection forms above were generated by rules and some usages of them were not attested.

Due to a bug of system, some forms may display wrong accents.


  1. to break up


Source: Henry George Liddell. Robert Scott. "A Greek-English Lexicon". revised and augmented throughout by. Sir Henry Stuart Jones.

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