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ε-contract Verb; 자동번역 Transliteration:

Principal Part: ἀπαλγέω

Structure: ἀπ (Prefix) + ἀλγέ (Stem) + ω (Ending)


  1. to feel no more pain at, to put away


Present tense

1st person2nd person3rd person
IndicativeSingular ἀπαλγῶ ἀπαλγεῖς ἀπαλγεῖ
Dual ἀπαλγεῖτον ἀπαλγεῖτον
Plural ἀπαλγοῦμεν ἀπαλγεῖτε ἀπαλγοῦσιν*
SubjunctiveSingular ἀπαλγῶ ἀπαλγῇς ἀπαλγῇ
Dual ἀπαλγῆτον ἀπαλγῆτον
Plural ἀπαλγῶμεν ἀπαλγῆτε ἀπαλγῶσιν*
OptativeSingular ἀπαλγοῖμι ἀπαλγοῖς ἀπαλγοῖ
Dual ἀπαλγοῖτον ἀπαλγοίτην
Plural ἀπαλγοῖμεν ἀπαλγοῖτε ἀπαλγοῖεν
ImperativeSingular ἀπάλγει ἀπαλγείτω
Dual ἀπαλγεῖτον ἀπαλγείτων
Plural ἀπαλγεῖτε ἀπαλγούντων, ἀπαλγείτωσαν
Infinitive ἀπαλγεῖν
Participle MasculineFeminineNeuter
ἀπαλγων ἀπαλγουντος ἀπαλγουσα ἀπαλγουσης ἀπαλγουν ἀπαλγουντος
1st person2nd person3rd person
IndicativeSingular ἀπαλγοῦμαι ἀπαλγεῖ, ἀπαλγῇ ἀπαλγεῖται
Dual ἀπαλγεῖσθον ἀπαλγεῖσθον
Plural ἀπαλγούμεθα ἀπαλγεῖσθε ἀπαλγοῦνται
SubjunctiveSingular ἀπαλγῶμαι ἀπαλγῇ ἀπαλγῆται
Dual ἀπαλγῆσθον ἀπαλγῆσθον
Plural ἀπαλγώμεθα ἀπαλγῆσθε ἀπαλγῶνται
OptativeSingular ἀπαλγοίμην ἀπαλγοῖο ἀπαλγοῖτο
Dual ἀπαλγοῖσθον ἀπαλγοίσθην
Plural ἀπαλγοίμεθα ἀπαλγοῖσθε ἀπαλγοῖντο
ImperativeSingular ἀπαλγοῦ ἀπαλγείσθω
Dual ἀπαλγεῖσθον ἀπαλγείσθων
Plural ἀπαλγεῖσθε ἀπαλγείσθων, ἀπαλγείσθωσαν
Infinitive ἀπαλγεῖσθαι
Participle MasculineFeminineNeuter
ἀπαλγουμενος ἀπαλγουμενου ἀπαλγουμενη ἀπαλγουμενης ἀπαλγουμενον ἀπαλγουμενου

Imperfect tense

The inflection forms above were generated by rules and some usages of them were not attested.

Due to a bug of system, some forms may display wrong accents.


  1. to feel no more pain at


Similar forms

Source: Henry George Liddell. Robert Scott. "A Greek-English Lexicon". revised and augmented throughout by. Sir Henry Stuart Jones.

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